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Too hot for candles in the summer?

At last the warmer weather has arrived and boy has it taken its time. with temperatures in the high 20s its been absolutely glorious.

So, do you still burn candles when your also trying to cool down your home. The quest for a beautifully fragranced home is ever present, so do you light a candle or reach for a reed diffuser ?

Reed diffusers are completely flame free fragrance that will fragrance your home for 3-4 months. Beautiful cool citrus fragrances are best, try 'Lemongrass & Ginger' or 'Lime Basil & Mandarin' for a fresh clean aroma.

Our brand new reed diffusers come in a 100ml Amber bottle with a push on lid to match our signature range, plus 8 reeds.

Throw on a wax melt.

Wax melts make a super alternative to candle all year round and can provide scents from a very short burn time to completely fragrance your home.

10 beautifully fragranced melts are packaged in a recycled box and with sealed with our logo label.

Each melt has an approximate burn time of 10 hours and each box contains 10 melts/

Tealights are also a beautiful way to illuminate your home a garden in the summer months. For that lovely twinkle with very minimal heat, try our 8hr tealights.


Orchard Candle Co


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