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Welcome to Orchard Candle Company.

My name is Lesleyanne and I'm the owner and creator at Orchard. My company was created from the need to create a healthier candle both for my family and the environment. Thank you for stopping by.

My Story

Orchard Candle Co was founded by me making soy wax candles as an alternative to buying  traditional paraffin counterparts.​

My company was born out of very real concerns surrounding the impact paraffin candles had on the environment and on my family's health.

Our fragrances are all Phthalates  and Paraben free and are suitable for vegans.   

Every candle is prepared, wicked, poured, labelled and packed by me in the studio. Orchard Candles  are 100% soy wax and all our fragrance oils are manufactured in Europe to IFRA Standards.

Our wicks are made from cotton and supported with linen stability threads. We have no additives, dyes or glittery bits and all of our outer packaging is 100% recyclable.  Our labels are 100% paper, our honey jars and tins are reusable. 

My background is far removed from candles, having been an NHS nurse since I was 16, the latter 24 years as an ICU nurse.


I ran Orchard for 5 years alongside my full time job 

In 2015 I made my very first candle, by Christmas 2016 I made them as gifts for family and friends and by Christmas 2017 I dared to sell my wares at the occasional fair.


In 2018 I made the bold decision to launch my own website and brand.

'Orchard Cheshire' was launched in March 2018 .

It was a tough couple of years as I ran this alongside my full time job in the NHS. It grew faster  than I could ever of imagined it would, stockists  jumped onboard and have since proudly stocked  my candles.

Early 2020 saw a rebrand to 'Orchard Candle Co' and I had my most successful year despite covid19. 

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